Community-Based Program

This program matches adults over the age of 18 with children from ages 5 through 17. Our agency staff interview all parties—the child’s parents or guardians, the child and the volunteer. When an appropriate match is identified, the parent and volunteer meet with agency staff to make sure the adults are comfortable with each other. After that, if all parties agree, the match is made and the mentoring begins. Bigs and Littles spend four to eight hours a month together doing things they both enjoy.

School-Based Program

Students from Laurel, Senior, Skyview and West High Schools volunteer as mentors for elementary and middle school students. The high school students receive a general elective credit for participation in the program and are matched with two Littles. Bigs visit each Little twice per week and come to the BBBSYC office once per week for class. Bigs help their Littles with homework, play with them on the playground and provide guidance to inspire them to reach their full potential.

Lunch Buddies Program

The Lunch Buddies Program pairs an adult from the community with a child at Rose Park Elementary, Highland Elementary or Lockwood Elementary. The Big visits the Little once a week during the lunch hour at school.

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