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Is having fun a part of your life?  For just two hours a week, you could spend time with a child as a Big Brother, Big Sister, or even a Big Couple.  If you are planning to stay in the Billings area for at least a year, you may be ready for a positive experience with a Little Brother or Little Sister.

Each match is unique. Getting together doesn’t require a special occasion or expensive activity, —just a few hours every month doing things the Little and Big already enjoy.

The  community-based program allows some flexibility as to when you and your little will meet as long as communication is maintained with your Little’s guardian and Match Support Specialist!

​It’s life-changing

Meeting with your little out in the community has the power to open their eyes to opportunities and interests they would have never thought they could possess. To pass on an empowering feeling such as this is sure to stick with your little forever, and you as well!

​Being a part of the this program also allows you to take part in our Match Events and also our 2 FOR 1 PROGRAM!

Our outings are free of charge and offer an opportunity for matches to get together to form a connection with one another. The 2 FOR 1 program is complementary of businesses in our town! When out with your little strengthening your 1 to 1 relationship, you are able to go into the participating businesses and receive discounted or free services  for your little. Places such as Steep World Climbing Gym, Billings Best Yogurt, Wise Wonders Children’s Museum, and many more generously take part in this program!

Still have questions?

Email our Community Program Coordinator at or call 406-248-2229